In this article I will not talk about any experience lived in my career as an escort. I want to tell you, what are the benefits of hiring the services of an independent escort from my point of view based on my experience. In the past I have had other job more related to massage, until I thought that the time had come to put an end to that time, to embark on a solo career in this area.

Advantages of hiring a private and independent escort

Performing an analysis, always speaking from my personal experience, below I present the ones that I think are the main benefits, both for the client and for me as an independent escort.

  • Pre-appointment contact
    By contacting me, you will not only see a profile tab, you can consult me ​​personally and directly any questions you may have. You can also make me proposals that we will value together and from the outset you will know firsthand the possibilities of our encounter.

    Even browsing my website, you will learn much more about me than if I would be working for a great agency.

  • Reliance based on trust
    After meeting and even having several experiences together, we will establish a link between us where it will be more comfortable for you to contact me. This way of relating will allow you to enjoy more of our moments together and have the confidence to propose different types of meetings previously agreed between both parties.
  • Total privacy in relationship
    By working independently, your privacy will be respected at all times. You will not have to make calls or write in pages of impersonal and cold contacts, but you will speak directly with me at all times.

    I know firsthand that for many of my clients this is a key factor, so for me it is also a key factor. The work of a luxury escort is not only about offering sexual pleasure, it is also based on offering the best companion to anyone who wants to escape their daily routine or a monotonous relationship. Therefore, respecting the privacy limits of the client is a serious issue that is achieved more effectively by working independently.

  • You will see your needs covered
    I can adapt to your wishes and our relationship can go from a punctual meeting to a girlfriend experience. As you have read in my blog, I can fulfill all kinds of fantasies, help improve intimate relationships and even be part of a sexual game role. My profile always meets expectations, since I am a person formed and prepared to empathize I will also become your confidante, listening and supporting you whenever you need it.

This freedom to work also allows me to organize special meetings with the best companion.