Before starting today’s article I want to thank you all for the signs of affection that you send me through messages and comments, telling me your impressions about the entries in my blog. I feel very fortunate with you dear readers, friends and lovers! Today I will not talk about any particular experience, but be sure that the content of the following article will help you to get the most benefit from meetings with independent escorts and to make your experiences more intense and pleasurable.

How to face the first date with an independent escort

I have decided to talk about it because, lately, both from my own experiences and from the one I have heard from friends, I think there are too many preconceived ideas about the world of escorts. Some of these ideas are erroneous and come from unfounded prejudices or fears. These ideas often make encounters uncomfortable and as a result, meeting with client does not become as special as it could.

Obviously, this is not anyone’s fault, but I think I can provide information that will help us all to enjoy this fantastic experience.

  • Little prior planning of the first appointment

    In some cases, people who want to hire a service with an independent escort, only analyze the encounter from the sexual point of view. Obviously this is an important point, but I think it is a mistake to focus only on it. By my personal encounters, I can assure that you get much more intense and satisfying encounters when there is a previous contact with the client.

    The fact of knowing and connecting before going into intimacy favors in many ways the quality of the sexual relation, since in this aspect it is important to know the other person. Knowing what you like and how you like, is something that usually I can capture pretty quickly. But it is also true that often in these previous encounters we can talk about fantasies and desires, making the day of our appointment more special.

  • The difference between independent escort and agency

    In a previous post, I talked about the benefits of hiring an independent escort versus an agency. I believe that this independence in my work is what gives me the ability to adapt to the different needs of all my clients. Some of the people who come in to contact with me, before have done it with an escort agency, where the whole treatment has been totally impersonal and have not even had the opportunity to know the girl they would be with.

    It is normal for this to generate a feeling of little tact and indifference, but nothing further from reality. As an independent luxury escort, I am ready to listen to you, to be close and to become all that you need.

  • Escort as a confidant

    I have had the opportunity to meet many people throughout my life and have gone through experiences of all kinds. I often find that people who know me are surprised by how I am able to listen to them and advise them. On many occasions, I have been able to detect that the person who contacts me what really needs is attention and advice.

    Normally, on the first date, you only see a preview of our relationship, but it is important that you know that I am willing to listen to you and be the best of your confidants. That is why many people find in me, and in escorts in general, the ideal person to tell you what they can not tell others.

These are some of the things I wanted to point out today and hopefully will give a little more light on all that we have to offer to you as an independent escorts.

Do you have any doubts to solve? Do you want me to be your confidante?