A few days ago I spoke to you about one of my experiences as an independent escort: a very special threesome with a fun couple. This time I will tell you a very exciting encounter that I lived a few months ago. Before I start, I want to thank you as always for the positive comments that you send to me and encourage me to continue sharing my experiences with you!

The protagonist of my experience today is Carlos, to protect his privacy I will not use his real name. Carlos is a mature and interesting man that I met on a hot summer night with whom I lived an unforgettable night.

This story begins with a call from my friend Nadia, she wanted to talk to me about her friend who wanted to try an experience with an independent escort. Her friend Carlos wanted to meet with me but he did not want to do it in the traditional way, his fantasy was that we were all three as friends in my apartment but that Nadia, at the last moment decided not to come so we were alone. As always, I would do everything I could to satisfy the sexual fantasy of my contact.

I dressed to leave Carlos open-mouthed: a tight black dress with a cleavage that wrapped around my waist, highlighting my worked body and red heels. After a few minutes, I finished getting ready and sat at the bed, anxious to meet the mysterious Carlos.

A night of lust and passion

At midnight the doorbell rang, I opened the door and found the curious look of Carlos, was a mature man very attractive and sophisticated. “You’re Katia,” he asked, looking me up and down, “Yes, Nadia has not yet arrived, you can come in and wait.” I answered in code form to which he replied “I would love to.”

We decided to “start without Nadia” and have a drink together to relax and chat a little, as the night progressed we would get warmer with more and more insinuating phrases. When we could no longer endure sexual tension, we began to undress each other, Carlos took his time to run my breasts, kissing and caressing them, while I put my hand in his pants with desire and whispered sentences to urn him on, he took off the few clothes I had left, we moved from one room to the other without knowing very well where we would end up. We had a long and passionate sex session, where we did not leave an inch of our bodies without a touch or lick.

We said goodbye with the sunrise, exhausted and still a bit excited after our passionate night. Carlos recognized that he had enjoyed the experience so much that he wanted to see me again in a few weeks.

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